Who is involved

Our seas are the focus of considerable human activity. We build and develop industries along their coastlines, use them for transport, reap harvests from them and use them for recreation. All this activity involves a wide range of organisations and individuals, so the sustainable management of our coastlines is invariably a shared responsibility.


A management group for the Flamborough Head EMS consists of representatives from the following relevant authorities organisations with legal powers in the European Marine Site:


East Riding of Yorkshire Council provides a range of local Government Services for the area covering most of Flamborough Head. Relevant functions include countryside management, development control, co-ordination of the Shoreline Management Plan south of Flamborough, environmental health and promotion of local tourism.


Natural England is the statutory adviser to the Government on nature conservation in England and promotes the conservation of England's wildlife and natural features. The North and East Yorkshire team, one of 21 local teams, serves the wildlife and people of North and East Yorkshire, including Flamborough Head.


The Environment Agency in England and Wales provides a comprehensive approach to the protection and management of the environment by combining the regulation of land, air and water. The Agency exists to provide high quality environmental protection and improvement. This is achieved by an emphasis on prevention, education and vigorous enforcement wherever necessary. The Environment Agency's principal aim is to protect and enhance the environment as a whole in order to play its part in obtaining the objective of sustainable development.


The North Eastern Sea Fisheries Committee, with responsibilities to both the commercial fishing industry and marine ecology management, aims to manage, regulate, develop and protect the fisheries within its area of jurisdiction, with a view to ensuring the sustainability of the marine environment both now and into the future. A NESFC project, in collaboration with English Nature, is currently underway aimed at assessing the fishing activities within the designated area of the Flamborough Head SAC.


North Yorkshire County Council is the main provider of essential services to a population of more than half a million people, including education for life, community care for all ages, communications links and public protection. Additional local services including housing, leisure and refuse collection are co-ordinated by the district councils such as Scarborough.


sbclogo.gif (5666 bytes)Scarborough Borough Council provides a range of local Government services for the area north of Speeton in conjunction with North Yorkshire County Council. Relevant functions include countryside management, development control, co-ordination of the Shoreline Management Plan north of Flamborough, environmental health, management of harbours and promotion of local tourism.



The Trinity House has a duty to deliver modern, reliable and economical aids to navigation, to assist the safety of all classes of mariners in general navigation. Its principal activities include buoy laying, superintendence of and consent to local lights, wreck marking and/or dispersal, helicopter and lighthouse operations, and the provision of differential G.P.S.




Yorkshire Water Services Ltd. is the company that provides household water services 24 hours a day. As a company they are committed to achieving environmental best practice throughout all their business activities.



The Bridlington Harbour Commissioners exist to serve the traditional Port of Bridlington and promote best practice amongst harbour users and in carrying out its duties.




The Flamborough and North Landing Harbour Commissioners exist to serve the traditional fishing communities of Flamborough and North Landing through the promotion of the local fishing and tourism industries.


Involving the local community


The statutory SAC process builds on much of the work already undertaken by the voluntary Sensitive Marine Area Project, which ran from 1994 to 1998, in identifying issues affecting the marine environment around Flamborough Head


Work will continue with user groups and local communities, through the Flamborough Head Maritime Forum, to identify ways of avoiding or reducing deterioration of the interest features, where significant risks have been identified. This information will then be used, along with the aims of the conservation objectives, to develop a management scheme for the Flamborough Head European marine site.