STORYBOARD TRAIL: North Landing to Thornwick Bay

Download and print the trail guide below. The podcasts listed below are all recordings of local people and experts who will tell you more about each theme as you arrive at the posts along the trail. Download and save the podcasts onto your MP3 player or burn to a CD and listen to them in turn as you follow the trail and stop at each numbered point. The Jubilee Point to Staple Newk trail can be made into a longer/circular walk by linking it to the following Walking the Riding routes found at

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HISTORY - Paul Arro - North Landing Lifeboat Station
GEOLOGY - Caroline Commins - Holmes Gut
FISHING - Micheal Emmerson - Then and Now
FARMING & WILDLIFE - Caroline Commins - Exmoor Grazing
LIGHTHOUSES & SHIPPING - Dan - Flamborough Lighthouse
SEABIRDS - Ian Kendall - Bempton Cliffs
MIGRATION - Mike Pearson - Storm Petrel Ringing and Call
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