Flamborough Bird Observatory

Recording still occurs across the recording area most days of the year – the Observatory does not have a formal building, a warden or land of its own, but works in partnership with landowners, birdwatchers, East Yorkshire Council, Natural England, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. Records should be passed to the Recorder for formal inclusion to the log and the publication of the records.

The Observatory supports the East Yorkshire Ringing Group and works with them throughout the year, and the Observatory works in line with the requirements set out for all British Observatories.

The Flamborough Bird Observatory wishes to encourage birders to visit the Headland. This policy is aimed at maximising birders opportunity to see rare birds at Flamborough, without putting the welfare of the birds at risk, or causing problems for the landowners and residents on the Head. The Observatory continually strives to improve access and communication to the birding world – partiuclarly in the event of a rare bird arriving at Flamborough (it has been known for over 2000 people to arrive to see one bird) and it is our continual aim to improve access for birders, but also to protect the landowners and residents right to privacy.

Andrew Lassey (PAL) – Recorder and also Chairman of East Yorkshire Ringing Group